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How can i keep hair silky?

How shall i maintain my hair. Ive got medium hair and im trying to grow it.

I live in London so please name shampoos and conditioners and hair products i can use (MALE)

I am trying to get it a bit big, like a rockstar look.

Its quite Dry and slightly unmanagable. I want it smooth silky, and holds in place.

Any tips


How can i keep hair silky?

It really depends on your hair I use Pantene once and it made my hair hard to straighten and my boyfriend's mom uses Pantene and it leaves her hair silky and smooth.

I reccomend shampooing and conditioning with Neutrogena Triple Moisture. Look at all of these great reviews of the shampoo condtioner and deep recovery hair mask and their website:


Look at all the great reviews:




Healthy hair tips:

Brush your hair before shampooing and conditioner so your hair won't be tangeled.

Don't wash your hair everyday try 3 times a week

Avoid combing hair while wet, use a wide tooth comb.

Deep condition twice a week

Trim your hair tips every 4-6 weeks.

While shampooing massage your scalp with your fingertips slowly, it's not necessary to shampoo the ends, then rinse with warm water.

When using a conditioner leave on for about 1-3 minutes so you can get great results then comb hair with wide tooth comb then rinse with very cold water to have shiny hair

If you use gel/hairspray/moose stop using them. They damage and dry up your hair.

If you use heat appliaces (blowdryers,curling irons, hair straightener) use a heat protecter spray so it'll protect your hair from heat.

If your in the sun alot buy a cap or a hoodie to protect your hair from the sun, heat damages and drys out your hair.

Buy a leave-in-conditioner/leave-in-... to moisturize your hair all day long and don't rinse.

After your out of the shower set your blowdryer on cool setting and blowdryer your hair for 2 minutes, this will help seal the hair cuticles for a smooth shiny surface.

If you dye your hair do it atleast once a year, hair dye has terrible chemicals that kill your hair.

All of these products work great on dry hair:

For deep conditioning:


For a hot oil treatment:


Dry hair tips websites/treatments:









How can i keep hair silky?

any brand will do.

just make sure you use the shampoo AND conditioner!

stay away from 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioners. they are not so good for your locks.

How can i keep hair silky?

well i use this stuff called tex. it makes it very smooth, silky, and shiny. i luv it!!!

How can i keep hair silky?

O.k., I know alot of rock stars and some of them have absolutelyl beautiful hair. I've asked them how they do it and they said they use Pantene (Shampoo and Conditioner), no blow drying AT ALL. Then, if you want to make your hair big, you can moose it up or use a styling gel.

Good luck!

How do mixed people/people with short curly hair apply product to their hair?

I just became 100% natural 6 months ago and my hair is about 2-3 inches unstreched i have corksrew curls shape like an z or a s that`s big as my pinky or a coffee stirrer.When i put a leave in(garnier frutis curls and shine) in my hair by smoothing it in the curls are gone so i would have to wash it out then i put in the gel by appllying it to my hair in 3 sections all in one time then i comp with my fingers,the curls appear but the IC gel leaves white stuff in my hair.I`m going to buy aubrey styling product that`s natural at a health store,but i want to know if there`s a way that short hair curlies apply product to their hair.Scrunching works well with people with long hair but when i did that with my ic gel it would make my hair look as if nothing was added.

How do mixed people/people with short curly hair apply product to their hair?

While you're in the shower (or with a spray bottle) wet your hair completely, apply a conditioner and comb through (get rid of all the tangles) ... rinse out the conditioner .... then apply a good moisturizing leave in conditioner.... then apply your styling product while you hair is wet and let it air dry (or use a diffuser to make it dry faster). The trick is to not comb your hair after applying your styling products because it will cause the hair to become frizzy/puffy... Use your fingers and let it dry naturally.... Spritz it with an oil sheen or glosser for shine.

How do mixed people/people with short curly hair apply product to their hair?

Thank you! I have exactly the same type of hair! Report It

How do mixed people/people with short curly hair apply product to their hair?

i use SUNSILK CURLS AND WAVES creme. it really works, doesnt weigh down ur hair, and smells good too. it doesnt make ur hair look greasy. comes in a green bottle.... try it! :)

How do mixed people/people with short curly hair apply product to their hair?

well i have naturally curly hair and i just use the same thing you do but i use got2b gel its awesome it works for me and my curls are really tight. try it use the cement gel i love it if not buy la looks the blue one the uhh sports that on is good to if u don't like your hair hard

How do mixed people/people with short curly hair apply product to their hair?

I've heard some pretty good things about Bumble %26amp; Bumble - They have a hair line specifically for curly hair called Curl Conscious.


They're a bit on the expensive side though - usually sold in spas or salons.

Teenage hair loss?

okay so people have weird habits so mines was pulling out strands of my hair that had split ends.Okaii so one day when i was doing this i found a weird jelly thing at the tp of the strand. I then started to pull out strands looking for the weird jelly stuff.So one night at my friends sleepover i fell aslepp and i when i woke up and just lay there pretneding to sleep then my friends started taling about the bald patch that had formed at the bac of my head.I didnt think anything of it just tried to stop my weird habit.But when the popular girl of school came up to me and asked if i had allopesha i didnt know what to do.I knew i didnt have allopeesha as i had done this to my self and that made me so angry and ashamed.But my question is that if anyone in the uk has any suggestions of good products that help hair growth or something and if any one has any ideas of a hair style that helps cover my patch at the back of my head.It isnt that big but i need help.

Teenage hair loss?

Hi - sounds like you don't have alopecia, but rather trichotillomania, which often requires medical intervention. If you have stopped pulling your hair out, it will grow back soon, but if you haven't stopped, you should go to a doctor, and you might have to go on medication to stop the behavior. Can you talk to your parents about it?

There is some info. below,but read here to see what other people have done about it (click on the links to the right of the page):




Trichotillomania (TTM) is an impulse disorder that causes people to pull out the hair from their scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, or other parts of the body, resulting in noticeable bald patches. It is currently defined as an impulse-control disorder, but there are still questions about how it should be classified. It may seem, at times, to resemble a habit, an addiction, a tic disorder or an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is estimated to affect one to two percent of the population, or four to eleven million Americans.

Who Gets Trichotillomania?

TTM seems to strike most frequently in the pre- or early adolescent years. The typical first-time hair puller is 12 years old, although TTM has affected people as young as one and as old as seventy. It is thought that ninety percent of those with TTM are women, but research is inconclusive and it may simply be the case that men are less likely to seek treatment and can more easily hide their symptoms. A form of TTM that affects very young children appears to occur in males and females at an equal rate and seems to be more benign in nature.

How Do I Know If I Have Trichotillomania?

Although the symptoms range greatly in severity, location on the body, and response to treatment, most people with TTM pull enough hair over a long enough period of time that they have bald spots on their heads (or missing eyelashes, eyebrows, pubic, or underarm hair), which they go to great lengths to cover with hairstyles, scarves or clothing, or makeup. The persistence of the compulsion can vary considerably: For some people, at some times, it is mild and can be quelled with a bit of extra awareness and concentration. For others, at times, the urge may be so strong that it makes thinking of anything else nearly impossible.

Why Doesn't Anyone Seem to Know about Trichotillomania?

TTM did not appear in the popular media in the United States until about 1989. As a result, many people with TTM have gone for many years without adequate Information about their condition, or appropriate treatment. Consequently, the one symptom that most people with TTM share is shame.

Teenage hair loss?

ouch.. i shall not comment on you pulling out your hair, but i shall say this.. try using olive oil. not the cooking type though. apply to your scalp at night before bed, and if u wish, shampoo it out in the mornings. i do that cos i cant stand the slightly greasy feel. but it really softens your hair. the vitE should help in hair growth.

for styles, i can only think of the ponytail. the high ponytail gives a nice innocent schoolgirl look. i hope ur patch is not too high though..

Teenage hair loss?

i have had alopecia areata, and im still 17. its a disease that gives u bald patches and guess what? there's no known cure. so i learnt some tricks. u can use eyeshadow/eyeliner of your hair color to cover small patches. to grow the hair back regaine 5% - a tropical medicine is very effective especially since u don't have a real problem. u'll see results in a week if followed properly. it may cost you upto 40$.

p.s. read the instructions on regaine before applying.

Teenage hair loss?

What you are doing is called Trichotillomania. "Hair Pulling". As far as products that will grow your hair back...do not use them. Once you stop using the products the hair can fall out and become worse...try pulling your hair back to cover it if it is long enough. And stop pulling. I have had this for 14 years. It is a heartache. See a doctor that can help you. This habit spirals out of control quickly and lots of people have it. Please feel free to email me at emt_hope911@yahoo.com if you need any further advise. My heart goes out to you.

Teenage hair loss?

Find herbal remedies for Dandruf, Spiltends, Hairloss,

Hot oil massages Fruit pack for hair,- ingredients from your kitchen cabinet --


How to wear my hair curly?

When I get out of the shower I really like how my hair looks its wavy but when it drys it gets SO puffy and big! How do I keep it looking tamed. Also, im not going to be able to use a blow dryer this summer so serums or gels that have to have a blow dryer with them I won't be able to use! Thanks so much for the help!

How to wear my hair curly?

It is called LOREAL MELTING GEL. It is very light, and won't dry all crusty like gels tend to do. What I do for my puffy, curly hair: I put a dab in my hands, and get them slightly wet before I put it on my hair. Roughly 50/50 mix. It's cheap, it works, and you stretch it by mixing it with water (plus it makes your hair look and feel natural. Important to me.)

Male trying to embrace my naturally wavy hair.?

Sure Wavy Hair looks nice on girls, sexy even. I'm ashamed of mine, its big and poofy and long, bunch of split ends. I dont even know what to do with it anymore. I'm not the type of crew cut guy, but every cut I like is for straight haired boys. I don't know what to do with my hair and its VERY distressing. I have no fasion expert friends so I dont know who to ask.

Link to pictures:


(The Picture of the Person that looks different than the others is obviously not me and what I dream of having)

Male trying to embrace my naturally wavy hair.?

You're gonna have to go to an expensive stylist. Once you get the cut, anyone can do it. Get your wallet out!

Male trying to embrace my naturally wavy hair.?

I feel your pain. I have the same type of hair. What you can do is to put a little bit of hair goo (not de-frizzer, that's just going to make it look greasy) or mousse in it and let it air dry. This works with all lengths.

If you do it and it looks a little flat on top go to the stylist and have him or her put layers in it so the top doesn't look flat anymore.

Male trying to embrace my naturally wavy hair.?

Well, I cant see ur pic (cuz i have to have ur password, I really dont want it) but any guy that can stan out in a crowd (in a good way) is hot...u dont want to be like every other guy out there,be unique....who cares wht other people think?

Male trying to embrace my naturally wavy hair.?

I know a bunch of hot guys with wavy hair! I couldn't open the pictures, but something on the shorter side should work, like 2-3 in. long. Have you ever heard of Dierks Bently, he had long hair until recently and his hair is curly. I personally think any hair style on a guy is hot, it's more about confidence and how you carry yourself! Good luck!

Male trying to embrace my naturally wavy hair.?

dude - be thankful you have hair.. at 33 mine is starting to fall out... just style it what looks good on you and never mind the fashions of the season

I want my hair platnum blonde hair!!! whats a good product to make it that way without going to the

i went to the salon last night to get my roots done and make my hair alot whiter, but my hair chick did something to it and its kinda sliver ish and funky. i have big plans tomorrow and i need it back to almost white. Whats a good product to make it turn platnium or really super white??

I want my hair platnum blonde hair!!! whats a good product to make it that way without going to the salon??

Okay. Quick fix : Go to the drugstore NOW and buy PANTENE SILVER EXPESSIONS in a blue bottle (mabie purple). Its specially made for that purpose. Ask the person at the counter. Youll thank me. My hair is highlighted and i used it %26amp;it turned white! i was mad, but youd love it %26amp; swear by it.

I want my hair platnum blonde hair!!! whats a good product to make it that way without going to the salon??

try those semi-permanent dyes. since your hair is already light maybe if you use a blonde color it will change it a little...i do that to keep my red and brunette looking good...and if you dont like it will wash off in a few shampoos....by the way i would go back to your hair lady and yell a little...i hate when ppl mess my hair!

I want my hair platnum blonde hair!!! whats a good product to make it that way without going to the salon??

Try the Dumb Blonde products. That should help you get back to the color you want.

I want my hair platnum blonde hair!!! whats a good product to make it that way without going to the salon??

Simple...bleach it!!! Althow it damages your hair BAD you will be almost as white as snow.

I want my hair platnum blonde hair!!! whats a good product to make it that way without going to the salon??

go back....she prob fix for little to no charge...if you have big plans tomorrow i would NOT try and do it yourself

I want my hair platnum blonde hair!!! whats a good product to make it that way without going to the salon??

Clairol Ultra Blue

I want my hair platnum blonde hair!!! whats a good product to make it that way without going to the salon??

Color enhanced shampoos with yellow will counter the violet. Also washing it several times will take it out, she obviously used a blue/violet base. Redken makes this shampoo I know for sure. Make sure you buy a good conditioner as well, climatress or Exsteme Conditioner by Redken is the best. Next time she should make you a golden or natural blonde not ash or platinum. It was to silver blue base for you. Try L'Oreal hair color, golden or natural Blonde at home products yourself.

I want my hair platnum blonde hair!!! whats a good product to make it that way without going to the salon??

Try picking up a purple tinted shampoo. Also, a few weeks ago I bought some Manic Panic "Virgin Snow" white toner for my hair and it worked well without giving it a purple tint the shampoo could sometimes leave behind and it's easy to use. I love Manic Panic.

Hair falling out and don't know why.?

Is it normal for a 15 year old girl to have hair fall out, its not that dramatic but i have to clean my rug (small one) every week and has a big hairball BIG! Then when i take a shower a lot comes out and when i wake up my pillow might have couple of hairstrands. Is it normal because of the weather or season change?

Hair falling out and don't know why.?

No. It is not normal. You might be losing your hair due to stress. Keep your hair trimmed to get rid of dead ends. If you start to see that the hair falling out is beginning to become exaggerated.. see a doctor because it might be something more serious than stress.

Hair falling out and don't know why.?

check the links below for natural homemade beauty tips to:-- Hairloss/Hairfall


Hair falling out and don't know why.?

It's normal to lose about 100 hairs a day. If your hair loss seems excessive, it could be due to a medical problem. Some conditions can cause excessive hair loss, like anemia for instance. If your hair is otherwise healthy and you're not abusing it with chemicals like dye or perms, then it's probably just normal shedding.

Hair falling out and don't know why.?

if you use your hair straighteners to much then it could happen. if you use hair gel very often could also be the cause. you could also be have an allegory to your hair products it could also be down to stress. see you doctor

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